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SBN Postgres database service dashboard

We are pleased to announce an upcoming enhancement to our MPC_SBN Postgres Database Dashboard. This upgrade will provide a more comprehensive view of the status of logical replication to multiple subscribers, with a primary focus on identifying critical conditions.

The primary objective of this update is to promptly identify and address critical conditions, such as inactive replication slots or subscribers falling significantly behind. These conditions have the potential to result in the accumulation of a substantial number of Write-Ahead Log (WAL) files, leading to increased disk space utilization. In the most extreme cases, they may even lead to the suspension of the Postgres service on the SBN side.

Currently, the Dashboard serves as an informational tool, including warnings in critical situations. With this update, we aim to gather statistical data to establish more reliable thresholds for the automatic removal of specific replication slots in the most critical scenarios.

We believe that this enhancement will greatly improve our ability to maintain the health and efficiency of our MPC_SBN Postgres Database, ensuring uninterrupted service and optimal resource utilization.

Stay tuned for further updates and implementation details. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to Andrei Mamoutkine.

Postgres mpcbeta database will be terminated on January 1, 2024. Please switch your operation to mpc_sbn database that has all necessary information from mpcbeta.

Local Time: 2023-12-03 22:59:01
Institution/Individual Alias Status ReplicationLagBytes
PMO_other_tables Inactive
PVanWylen_obs Active 0
PVanWylen_other_tables Active 0
Rubin_usdf_other_tables Active 3408
AsteroidInst_other_tables Active 0
ADoppler_obs Active 1136
ADoppler_other_tables Active 8152
JPL_other_tables Active 1136
JPL_obs Active 1136
AsteroidInst_obs Active 0
MPC_loop_obs Active 0
MPC_loop_other_tables Active 3976
CSS_sibyl_other_tables Active 0
CSS_sibyl_obs Active 0
LDemetz_other_tables Active 8152
LDemetz_obs Active 1136
ESA_obs Active 1136
Rubin_usdf_obs Active 0
ESA_other_tables Active 8152
ESA_mpcbeta Active 8152
MPC_loop_mpcbeta Active 1136
TLinder_obs Active 0
TLinder_other_tables Active 0
CalTech_other_tables Active 4544
Rubin_other_tables Active 8152
Rubin_obs Active 0
SDS_other_tables Active 8152
SDS_obs Active 1136
LSST_BrazilProd_other_tables Active 8152
LSST_BrazilProd_obs Active 1136
PMO_obs Active 1136
Warning! Inactive replication slot(s):
Number of inactive replication slots 2
Number of replication slots 32
MaxXMIN 639219462
Difference[MaxXmin-MinXmin] 693051
Fully synchronized LSN 519/ea45b760
Replications stats rows 30
Number of locks processes 29
Disk space used 507G
Disk used % 28%
Disk %util 28.67%
pg_wal dir size 2.1G
Number of WAL-files 129